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Here, in addition to the lack of the above mentioned plankton, lack of benthic animal carrion, and can absorb waste oxygen producing aquatic plants; in addition, the cylinder to watch than the feeling of fullness, only the fish density often reaches a filter can withstand the limit, that is to say the bacteria and fish the proportion of close imbalance.

The maintenance of such fish, we in addition to feeding every day, must be regularly sucked out the cylinder bottom of the bait and feces (instead of benthic animal and aquatic plants, benthic fish such as Pipa can replace part of this work, the change of water) to dilute the harmful waste frequently (instead of the function of aquatic bacteria, make up the shortage, in this case no water, help, even if the full load operation of the biological filter is also difficult to remove all waste), in high temperature is needed for pumping (instead of water oxygen producing function).
Of course, there is a great relationship between stocking fish species. If there is a dragon fish in 300L's cylinder, it doesn't need to be so troublesome. As long as we bait out all the bait and feces everyday, but if we keep a large group of colors, these operations become almost daily required homework.
Set with biochemical filter, sand, a large number of plants, algae eating shrimp and small fish "large aquatic ornamental fish" such a bowl, in addition to plankton, it seems that all major elements are available, so whether in addition to feeding no to do? Indeed, this large aquatic ecological aquarium is maintained less, but not that it is complete, but each element of this system is a serious imbalance in the proportion of fish -- too little, and rarely wastes, aquatic plants and bacteria is relatively excessive, so the whole water shows "negative nutrition".
The inhibition of algae and fish to promote the health benefits of plants and bacteria, but what is not good, they will be due to malnutrition and tend to be weak, if not timely intervention, the whole system will collapse because of the grass apoptosis, create hard aquarium beauty will not exist. So we add a variety of fertilizers, add carbon dioxide, and add nitrating bacteria... In addition, due to the lack of herbivores (which is to avoid introducing aquatic giant ornamental fish tanks), the growth of weeds is not controlled. We need regular pruning to remove dead leaves and rotten leaves, to cut long and long stems, and to adjust growth density.



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